A Brief Introduction of OCSMRM

OCSMRM (Overseas Chinese Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine) is a non-profit professional organization that comprises of Chinese MRI physicists, engineers, preclinical and clinical scientistis from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, US and worldwide. OCSMRM was established in 1989, and presently has over 400 members. Many OCSMR members have made seminar contributions to MRI research and are presently the leading members in the global MRI research community. For example, our members have served as International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) president, ISMRM Board of Trustees, and ISMRM Annual Program Committee. Many OCSMRM members are elected ISMRM Senior and Junior Fellows.

OCSMRM aims to promote and advance MRI research through open academic exchange and collaboration among Chinese scientists, physicists, engineers and clinicians, and through active engagement with ISMRM.